Reactor idle

How to start?
Start by building wind turbines, these produce power that you have to manually sell. Later you can build offices that will sell power automatically and hire managers who update wind turbines automatically.
Probably one of the first things you want to do is to get research center, so you can research more advanced components / buildings.
Wind turbines, solar cells etc have lifetime, they produce power only when their lifetime has not expired. After they expire replace them


  • Left click – most actions, buy component etc.
  • Right click – sell/destroy component
  • CTRL + left click – replace all same type components. (Very useful if you have many wind turbines and you want to update them all.)
  • CTRL + right click – sell all same type components.
  • Hold SHIFT + left click – Move mouse over tiles to where you want to buy component. Less clicking – yay!
  • Hold SHIFT + right click – Move mouse over tiles to sell them.

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